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Mastering Git and GitHub

New Wings IT Solutions Mastering Git and GitHub training course is designed to make the course participants experts in Git tool. It starts with fundamental concepts like Git branch and commits to advance topics like design and Git work flow. The course will cover different components of Git and GitHub and how they are used in software development operations. The course will also cover Installation & Configuration of GitHub and other tools and techniques like GitHub desktop and SourceTree as well.

Course Outline:
  • Understand and apply various Git commands
  • Explore Git with tools like GitHub Desktop and SourceTree
  • Apply various designing and work flow techniques using Command line
  • Use commands and tools for reviews
  • Implement Git flow designs in SourceTree
  • Apply work flow using GitHub Desktop

Ever wondered what 10 million users and most silicon valley companies like Facebook and Google use for creating and managing open source API’s and to help the open source community. It is GitHub, a Git repository hosting service founded just a few years ago to build software better, together.

Most of the high paying companies are using Git and GitHub for their new, innovative and upcoming Software Languages. Open source software’s can now be made using GitHub and you will be able to share your repositories with other developers so that they can also contribute. GitHub concepts can be implemented in Big Data and Hadoop technology, Java Projects and other frameworks as well. Some of the trending repositories in GitHub are Scala and AngularJS.

Mastering Git & GitHub

  • Regular Track Duration:- 30 days (3 Hrs/day)
  • Rapid Track Duration:- 15 days (6 Hrs/day)

The following professionals can go for this course:

  • Software Professionals
  • Testing Professionals
  • Software Architects and Designers
  • Open source contributors and enthusiasts
  • Developers who want to gain acceleration in their careers as professionals using Git and GitHub
  • Managers who are technical subject matter experts, leading software development projects

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