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Computer Hardware & Networking

A+ N+ certification is essential for candidates interested in starting their career in computer support domain. Today, this credential not only validates essential entry-level IT skills including computer repairing, operating systems, network administration and information security, but is becoming a qualifying factor in the hiring process.
Nowadays in most IT companies, A+ N+ certification has become a mandatory hiring requirement for a variety of entry-level IT positions. Hence, obtaining the necessary A+ N+ training is a distinctive step towards a dream job. This certification is also a requirement for advanced certification of leading Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and HP technology.

Course Outline
Computer Hardware A+ Syllabus

Computer H/W Architecture & Troubleshooting

  • The fundamentals of Computer
  • Assembling and configuring a PC
  • Processor types & Diff between 32 & 64 bit arch.
  • Keyboard, Mouse, System Start Up, BIOS Setting
  • Memory, Storage Devices management:(HDD & FDD)
  • Motherboards & Power Supply (SMPS)
  • Study on Notebook and Laptop architecture
  • Parallel Ports and Serial port configuration
  • Configuring modem for internet connectivity
  • Configuring USB Port & Optical Storage Device
  • Troubleshooting

Operating System

  • Boot Process & Basic Unix Command
  • MS-Windows XP / Win 7 Insta. & Upgrade
  • Troubleshooting system startup and user logons
  • User /Group Administration and profile mgmt.
  • Printers & Scanners configuration
  • Disk Clean Up, Disk Defragmentation
  • Device Manager & Event Viewer
  • Control Panel Setting in Windows
  • Software Installation & Uninstallation
  • Windows Services & Windows Registry
  • Windows Troubleshooting

Software Application support

  • Win XP desktop & Built-in applications Support
  • IE, Outlook Express & Remote Assistance
  • Online Security & Firewall
  • Printer Installation, Sharing & Troubleshooting
Computer Hardware N+ Syllabus

Network Fundamentals

  • Wireless network configuration, Remote Admin
  • File Sharing in N/W & Remote desktop, Messenger
  • Antivirus & Its online scanning tools.
  • Backup, Recovery

Networking Essentials

  • Network Definition & Networking Models
  • Network Addressing
  • Establishing a Connection & Reliable Delivery.
  • Network Connectivity
  • The OSI Model
  • Ethernet, Network Resources.
  • Token Ring/IEEE 802.5, FDDI
  • TCP/IP Utilities DNS, DHCP & WINS
  • Introduction to IPX/SPX & IPv6
  • Network LAN Infrastructure
  • IP Routing & Routing Tables
  • Router Discovery Protocols
  • Virtual LANs (VLANs)
  • The WAN Environment & Connectivity devices
  • Voice Over Data Services
  • Remote Networking & Remote Access Protocols
  • VPN Technologies
  • Introduction to Network Security
  • Virus Protection
  • Local Security & Internet Security
  • Network Access & Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Data Backups & Fault tolerance
  • Clustering , NAS & SAN
  • Network Troubleshooting

Benefits of this course

  • Better understanding of various topologies and computer networking devices
  • Learn to Install, Configure and troubleshoot Networks and network devices
  • Training perfectly suitable for engineering or technician job roles
  • Chance to get ahead with vast career opportunities

Computer Hardware And Networking

  • Regular Track Duration:- 20 days (3 Hrs/day)
  • Rapid Track Duration:- 40 hrs (6 Hrs/day)

The course is designed for all those who want to master Computer Hardware & Networking. The following professionals can go for this course:

  • Undergraduates
  • Graduates from BSc, BCA, MCA or Engineering etc

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