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In information technology, Our Hardware Networking & CCNA Training Institute in Pune  is the
development, design, and use of a network, including the physical (cabling, hub, bridge, switch, router,
and so forth), the collection and use of telecommunication protocol and computer software for using
and managing the network and the establishment of maintenance policies and purposes related to the


Today the world scenario is changing and our Hardware & Networking Institute in Pimpri Chinchwad,
Pune is the part of this change. Data Communication and network have changed the way business and
other daily affair works. Now, they rely on computer networks and internetwork. A set of devices often
mentioned as nodes attached by media link is called a Network. A node can be a device which is capable
of sending or receiving data generated by other nodes on the network like a computer, printer etc.

A computer network is a telecommunication channel through which we can share our data. It is also
called data network. The best example of the computer network is the Internet. Computer network does
not mean a system with the control unit and other systems as its slave. It is called a distributed system.
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A network must be able to meet certain criteria, these are mentioned below:

  1. Performance
  2. Reliability
  3. Scalability


It can be measured in following ways :

  • Transit time: It is the time taken to travel a message from one device to another.
  • Response time: It is defined as the time elapsed between inquiry and response.

Other ways to measure performance are :

  • Efficiency of software
  • Number of users
  • A capability of the connected hardware


It decides the frequency at which network failure takes place. More the failures are, less is the network’s reliability.


It refers to the protection of data from the unauthorized use or access. While traveling through the
network, data passes many layers of the network, and data can be traced if attempted. Hence security is
also a very important characteristic for Networks.

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Hardware & Networking Institute in Pimpri Chinchwad Pune
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